About Us

Finques Sauleda is a company that was born in 1975, we approach our clients, 50th anniversary, with the objective of offering Real Estate Services to our clients. A Throughout these years we have created an important portfolio of clients in Administration of Homeowners' Communities and Rental of homes for habitual and seasonal residence.

The purchase and sale deserves a point and aside. We have offers of all types, Homes, Commercial Premises, Garages, Land, ...

Also, if it is of your interest, we can take care of the sale of your property.

From the first day we have tried to work with the greatest seriousness and professionalism, taking care that all the concepts that make up a real estate operation are well explained and resolved. From the beginning to, very importantly, the after-sales service.

The result is that after almost fifty years we continue working hard thanks to the good name that Finques Sauleda has in Sant Pol de Mar, a product of the trust of our clients and friends.

We will gladly assist you without obligation. We are waiting for you